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who am i? a game all the family can play. [Aug. 20th, 2005|01:29 am]
bvoo uii hate storm i hate storm i hate storm i hate storm i hate storm i hate storm i hate storm i hate storm i hate storm i hate storm. ra ra flap flap
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2005|09:35 pm]

oo-er nearly the weekend again! this week has gone nice and quick thanks to the long weekend. speaking of which, was a dirt fest if i don't say so myself. haha.. but so good! we have gotta stop the subway addiction!! have to say.. the dj at the bog is the funniest chud in the world.. endless hours of laughter. also endless hours of laughter at the fact we went to the bog on a sunday night. storm has a fanclub.. and he bought us shots! i've come to the conclusion, that once in a blue moon - going to the bog has the potential to be funniest night of your life.

work is rudely busy and stressful.. but i look like a matrix computer operator! i have two flat-screens that act like one screen and this little head set that attaches to my ear in a funny way. i can't wait until next weeks pay.. it's going to be a record. 105 hours in a fortnight! cha ching.

accidentally reversed into some ponce in the drive-thru line at hungry jacks. he was so fucken far up my arse it wasn't funny.. so now i have to pay to get his spesh car 'repaired'. depsite the fact that there was NO damage except for a crack in his number plate protector. what a cunt. who has a number plate protector? i wish i hadn't of been so passive and apologetic at the time and them maybe i wouldn't be getting reamed.

and i have to start contributing to my hecs debt! i'm trying to save! i was trying to figure out how to get out of it with the accountant at work today, but he was like. nup, you're fucked. you have to pay. d'oh.

everytime i really get into paying off my debts.. unforseen, maybe stupid, and mostly my fault shit things happen to fuck it up. oh woe! but aside from all that, i have been having so much fun and everyone is so bless and i'm so sad to be moving out of cunt st. it has been the best 3 months ever, and such good times.. but all good things must come to an end.. and the floreat house (and their gorgeous dog) beckons.. but deffo been the funniest and most awesome period in a long while.

p.s. oh my - Tre on the OC. sooo hot.. *swoon*

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boo [May. 4th, 2005|09:35 pm]

thought it might be time for a photo update.. waiting for washing to finish, no tv on, back at the fams house = time to mess with some snaps.

last weekend was painful..
- no sleep was a bad choice
- she's electric, she's got a family of eccentrics
- storm, kate and i laying in mouths bed being laughing alot. again.
- beach walks in scarborough. vomity gazebo & NW
- jonelles house!! awesome.. soo comfy. (carpet is good for cat naps too)
- big ups to cj for jumpstarting my car (kaaaaaate)- did that really happen?
- pole dancing.. best and most fun exercise. muscles are still feeling it! word of warning, don't attempt it on parking poles outside your house when it's been raining.
- giz booth
- hydey & toasted cheese sandwiches with mouthy. "i would never crave the back bar"

i am devastated about amazing race. i loved kris & john.. they deserved it so much more. kendra was a moron. and survivor.. poor stephanie. she was so good!! i've decided gregg is a nasty peice of work and caryn is a silly, silly woman.


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big capital b for bored... [Apr. 18th, 2005|10:05 am]
sup chuds.. long time no speak..

so the weekend began fabulously and ended up as a kind of dirt-off between us all. i think storm and i were the last remaining competitors leaving a trail of semi-violation in our wake. friday was brilliant.. happy birthday kate & ainslie!! (for tomoz and wednesday as well..) i had such a fun night! drank & danced until i nearly killed my toe.. saturday morning was all about the hydey back-bar buffet-off & laughing till it hurts. figured that things are always so much funnier when you are hung-over.

the notebook made us all romantic cry babies.. so lovely, yet so sad… *sobs*

i hope someone else caught iron-chef on saturday night! oh my – chinese cabbage battle!! chinese cabbge a.k.a ‘white crystal’ took centre-stage.. ‘mmm.. this soup reminds me of my boyhood’.. ‘i made myself sick from thinking so hard’. too good..

futurama is the comfiest show.. storm and i kept on falling asleep but we managed to get through the entire first series due to the fact that there was fuck all on tv except for ads, guy sebastian and more fucking ads!

living at the ranch is awesome.. being in the hood is very convenient & i love youse bitches. but because of my poor car & spending too much money on friday night I have $15.30 worth of change to get me through until thursday. damn you KFC!

peace out.. will have to post photos soon

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boo rah [Feb. 28th, 2005|08:50 pm]
[mood |weirdweird]

ahh horse riding on the weekend. it was so bless.. we all looked so authentic! pulling up the chalky dust track into the stables in storms cute-ass fun top car with JT blaring. cowgirl much? i KNEW i'd get the cunty horse.. even though he was gorg, he just had issues with fever (beaver?! haha). hats off to spirit, brigadere, cobalt, sambo & MR BIG! it was so appropriate that total SATC addicts would get a horse called mr big. no lie.. now my arse, back and legs are incredibly sore.. but i figure it must have been fairly good exercise if so many goddamn muscles can be sore..

work is good/fucked. it's so much better than what i was doing in head office, but i'm so busy now it's just not funny and it makes me all stressed out, in a bad mood and i forget/don't feel like eating which gives me a headache. and this stupid testing we have to do twice a week shits me because we loose 2 entire days out of the week and somehow have to do that work some other time? pro: overtime. credit card is happy. life is sad.

tv is craaaaaap. new survivor looks like its gonna be good. already a fan of the way country bum dude & the guy who won immunity first. he is such a nerd. thank god wanda was ousted.. that singing would have driven me insane.. people with that much enthusiasm for life can be so annoying. but craig predicts they will be late-intruders for sure. i'm a bit iffy on that one since it's never been done on survivor before and jeff probst is a bit to serious and cut throat for that.. but it'll be interesting to see what tricks he has up his sleeve this season.

i seem to remember coming up with more saturday activity ideas.. but i can't remember. and from what i can, they were quite good plans. girls? any hints?? did we drive past anything interesting?? it's been bugging me..

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best. weekend. ever. [Feb. 7th, 2005|07:30 pm]

ahh haha.. this weekend was the best. my stomach muscles are still hurting from laughing too much. message to friends: "i can't hang out with you any more. you're too funny. it hurts to be with you" haha.. friday night was huge.. how pissed did we all want to be. good times. and the fish and chips didn't dissapoint! saturday was mini golf.. never been on a funnier outing. i totally sucked and came last.. congrats to stormie who won first prize: getting to take mouthie home. there are about a billion photos under the cut.. sat night was now and then, retro betties and interview with the vampire. i was lame and fell asleep in both movies. sunday was fibber mcgee's, meeting random people and discovering mouth has a parallel-life-twin somewhere in perth. funniest convo ever.. then it was about the drinking, smoking and the-shining ourselves to sleep. classy.

anywho.. it truly was fab. peace out xx


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(no subject) [Feb. 2nd, 2005|11:49 pm]
*oh* i'm so glad the outback jack picked natalie.. she is so gorgeous and funny. this is the first time i've been happy with a reality-tv-love-match. i was so excited!! mum and i jumped out of our seats and were squealing and clapping.. it was so good. *sigh*

so jonelle and i have been checking out some houses around the leederville/north perth/mount lawley area and have found some really awesome houses!! i don't think anything will happen in the near future.. but it's fun to get all excited about it. there is one that looks exactly like the ranch.. like the floor plan and everything.. but it has a spa. hello. and the other one has a pool.. livin the dream.

so the weekend was fabulous! had such a great time - it'll so be one of those summer weekends where i'll go 'oh do you remember that weekend when...'. it was just really nice and comfy. i'm a tad broke now but i'm on a roll with my going-out-and-not-being-a-homebody-spirit so i think i should go with the momentum and have another big one. haha.. and mouthie: "ivan been to kings park in a while" ha!

went for a rollerblade this arvo.. forgot how horribly unfit i am. now my back is sore and i think my lungs are still recovering. but its bad because i have to go along the highway for a bit on the footpath, and the oncoming traffic is so rude and people beep because rollerblading is so nineteen-ninety-never and retarded. malibu barbie eat your heart out.

for those who watched wife-swap.. shouldn't the wierd little leather strap they called a 'whacker' (used to 'discipline' thier children) be illegal? what the fuck? they were so the kind of family where the kids will be teenagers and be like 'mum do we still have to bath together? my friends think you're wack'

and amazing race. can't even describe how annoyingly good that is going to be.
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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2005|12:01 pm]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[noise |the cars - i guess you're just what i needed]

-feeling a bit sad and shitty for no particular reason.. (Never ever taking a ‘break’ from the pill again.. it’s not worth the downer moods and extremely painful cramps)
-the house I’m sitting is a fucken zoo and the novelty of the bird whistling wore off in 10 mins.
-After paying bills, I’m poor
-the tape mum used to record bed knobs and broomsticks was fucked, so I couldn’t watch it
-it’s only 11.30 and I want to go home and swim.

-i’m house-sitting and this place has a pool! it is so refreshing and warm.. pool party at mine this weekend! and their bird wolf-whistles!
-finally paid very overdue bills.
-it’s friday and allen has just re-stocked the beer fridge.
-divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood was such a comfy book. Made me a bit sad that I don’t have a group of besties like the ya ya’s though..
-sarahs friend lent us the stray cats dvd. rockin.
-i can use the internet at work and have been looking up Michael Madsen fan sites. he is so goddamn sexy. even in free willy..
-Spoke to a lovely stranger this morning who said I had nice teeth and wished me a good day. Bless.

it must be love.

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cuticles can go to hell. [Dec. 23rd, 2004|01:26 pm]

ouch. hurty cuticle is causing me grief..

today has been quite a nice cruisy day at work.. everyone is still recovering from the x-mas party yesterday, so there hasn't been too many dramas. despite me being given the cold shoulder from my boss this morning for rescheduling a meeting and not consulting her - but it was only because HER boss asked me to do it asap. whatever.. she can go get another bitch to do her dirty work.

i've successfully managed to avoid all christmas shopping up to date and am going to do it all after work this arvo. the city has become horribly busy but it makes my lunchbreak a little more interesting, watching all the people hurry around and trying to guess who they are buying a ridiculous amount of presents for. speaking of lunch breaks.. i had the best ever on tues. this old man came and sat next to me and we were having a bit of a chat and we somehow got talking about gold that the inca's had buried many moons ago? so this man, in amongst enthusiastic hand movements and facial expressions says, "they still TO THIS DAY haven't found the gold.. *light bulb flashes above his head* you know what? you should divorce your boyfriend, fuck ya job and lets go find the gold! can you imagine.. together, the two of US?! it'd be great".. ahh too good.

lauren has gone to get me a tuna roll for lunch because i'm to lazy to go outside today. i hope i don't get in trouble for posting this at work.. they shouldn't be able to find out?! i'm already on the bad books.

i think my boss thinks i'm an alcoholic.. we were having xmas lunch at this restaurant yesterday and i was absolutely fine.. barely tipsy. and she goes to me "are you okay kate..? are you sure you're okay??" and i was like umm.. yes why are you asking me that? but apparently she was asking if i was offended/scared/scarred for life by some of the conversation going on around me?! because i happened to sit in the centre of all the guys and men+alchohol+office gossip = loud obnoxious sexual references. haha.. but i was more offended by her asking if i was okay than by any of the conversation.. hmpf.

had a pretty good weekend. i had both high expectations and feelings of dread towards saturday at the same time, so i think it ended up somewhere inbetween. good music, cheap beer, fine friends.. can't get much better. and those fish and chips were brilliant. although the whole good fish and chip experience was made better by laughing at all the funny faces john howard was making in pictures in the West.

i can't beleive its been like 2 months and this is all i've got to say. ciao xx


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procrastination - makes it un-happen [Nov. 2nd, 2004|04:10 pm]
[mood |distresseddistressed]
[noise |ranking full stop - the beat.]

oh. my. god. this assignment is shitting me. i want to cry. i know the good-mood and releif that i'll feel when i've finally done it - but still, i can't seem to bring myself to sit down for more than 10 minutes before finding something else to do to waste more time. and i hate it when you search google to find info on books and the only thing that comes up is site to buy it or read a review. hence, i've spent the day lying on my bed and making endless cups of tea and accomplishing fuck all.

mal just came over and brought doughnuts. too good. *licks sugar off lips*

i want to punish myself so horrendously this weekend and get shit-faced (pay day thursday..) but, i have exmas on tues & wed. i think i'd better wait until after exams..

i just got my credit card bill in the mail. $401.33 *screams* because i missed my last interest payment, then got fined for missing it, annual card fee, and this months interest payment. this is only making my dissapearing act more inevitable as i see no other way of paying off my debts. mal said that he has called a few of his work people and they are sending me application forms, so if i can work on a minesite for a few months, i can hopefully dig myself out of this hole.

on a lighter note - i get to house-sit a friends house for 10 days. they live in floreat and it is such a nice place. and i have to take care of their dog storm. he is so gorgeous really nice and affectionate. except i have to walk him twice a day, and apparently he cries if you don't walk him before 7am. i guess it'll be a good excuse to not waste my day and do some exercise. it's really quite exciting though.. i'll be north of the river for a little bit.

sarah and i had such a fun night last night. i'll have to post pics.

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